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Dances of Kerela

Kerala has evolved from very ancient days its typical dance forms, which are highly expressive of the way of living and the outlook of its people.

1: Mohiniyattam : is a typical dance form of Kerala which has had a chequered history. Literally it means the dances of the enchantress. Mohiniyattam, even the costumes and the make up having a distinctiveness of their own. In fact, Mohiniyattam as a dance form has been developed in Kalamandalam to such a perfection as to attract the attention of students and teachers of art from other parts of India and even abroad.

2: Kathakali : Another Classical Dance of Kerala Kathakali is the most refined and the most scientific and elaborately defined dance drama of Kerala. The stories are selected from epics and mythologies and the actor expresses himself through mime, hand gesture, eye movements and highly complicated steps. Kathakali is a unique combination of the insight of an actor, dancer, singer, drummer, sculptor, designer and dreamer.