Ram World Travel wishes to spread the word all over the World that India is the only country, where all the cultures, religions,languages, diversities etc can prosper in a peaceful, coherent way, come what may.

Its poorest of the poor are the most happy people in the world. Scenically, it has the Himalayas, land scape, forests, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, only place to see tiger in its natural habitat. Culturally, its very rich, historically it has mind boggling monuments and has the longest written history, traditionally, its unique in the world, it has beautiful beaches, excellent skii slopes, trekking, mountaineering, you name it India has it. It can meet everyone’s intrests, whatever they are.

The second mission is that by creating the movement of the people globally create mutual understading and universal brotherhood and peace in the world. Humanbeing himself is the enemy of his own, why blame others. Hence lookinto your own innerself and change your own soul before changing others or the world. Tourism is the best way to create this atmosphere in the world. At the end offer the best and honest possible service to all, whosoever comes in contact with Ram World Travel. Ram, itself reminds everyone of the All mighty God of Hindu mythology or trinity. Knowinglyor unknowingly you utter or remember the word Ram, which creates a vibrationin yourself and puts you on the right path in life.


Ram World Travel Pty ltd trading as Ram World Travel, is a retail-cum-wholesale agency. It retails travel to all parts of the globe and sells special holiday packages to India through the retail agents and directly also. It is the holidayand travel specialist agency on India. The man behind this operation is none other than Ram Gusain, former Director, Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. He has more than 35 years of travel industry experience in India and overseas. He had a chequered career in the Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India. He has also been instrumental in creating “Indrail Pass” and Palace and Wheel train in India. He also dealt with opening up new areas in the North Eastern region, Andamans and Lakshadweep islands for tourism. Dealing with such a knowledgeable and experienced person, you will nevergo wrong. All personnel in this agecy are from India and hence know Indiavery well. Being a travel specialist agency on India, all airlines operating to And from the Indian sub-continent have given us special airfares to this Part of the world and hence one can take advantage of these.

Give us a call Or email us our consultants will be too happy to serve you efficiently. We look forward to be of service to you!